About Me

Hello! And thank you for visiting.

My name is Lori West. I am a lifelong Energy Worker, Psychic and Medium. When I say “lifelong,” I mean since about the age of four years old when I began remembering past lives. This was just the beginning. At the age of about five, I began feeling energy with my body. By the time I was nine years old, I was already remote viewing and hearing dead people talk to me.

I’m often asked if hearing dead people freaked me out at that tender age. To be honest, I was truly more curious about these voices, (one in particular), and began exploring, pursuing and developing my gifts from that point on.

Here I am, forty years later, (or more if you count my toddler years), with a resume of readings, paranormal investigations and personal experiences longer than my arm.

Because I had been at this for so long, I began feeling the retirement bug whispering in my ear and started thinking maybe it was time to hang up my psychic slippers. But, just after I made that decision and cleared out my website pages, I began hearing from long-time clients who were strongly encouraging me to continue on my journey. They reminded me that what I have to offer is valuable, needed, and appreciated. I was extremely humbled by the loving and encouraging responses. So, after much deliberation, (and a message that came from my guides through my close friend, also a Lori), I have decided to continue on my path of offering readings, support and love to the very dear friends that I have made over the years, and to those of you who would like to join me on my continuing journey.

If you’re new to this site, or if you’re a loyal client / friend, you may notice that I have pared down my services. If there is a service you need but don’t see listed, please email me (or use my Contact Page and simply ask). I’ll be happy to work with you

On we go!