Comfort from Beyond

I wanted to share a really cool experience I had on Mother’s Day, 2018. I was having an off day. My kids were working and my husband isn’t the most demonstrative when it comes to gift-giving. I was a little down and I suppose my Spirit Family felt it.

I was standing at my kitchen sink, gazing out the window toward the back yard at nothing in particular. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something floating on the air. It was a small white feather. Under any other circumstances seeing a white feather floating by wouldn’t mean anything significant. We have birds everywhere; lots of pigeons, blue jays, cardinals, robins and such.

What made this feather unique was that it wafted from the west side of my back yard, and then across the patio and behind our patio table. Normally I would have expected it to slowly drift toward the ground, but it remained high above the table umbrella, when suddenly it began making a sharp and sudden southward turn toward where I was standing. Its path bent around the table umbrella! It was then carried in a direct path all the way to my kitchen window and was then gently lowered as if being carefully placed onto the white wicker chair where I sit to watch the birds or throw toys for my dogs.

And the kicker – as it got closer to where I was standing, the sun shone on it and it lit up so brightly that I had trouble keeping my eyes on it. It was literally glowing in the brightest white I had ever seen.

My point is that the family and loved ones we have on the other side are always aware of what’s going on with us. They are there to encourage us, cheer us on, and send us signs of love when we are feeling down or even to share in an important life event. Pay attention to the little things – the butterflies that flutter up and land on your shoe, the dragon flies that circle your head, the shiny pennies that appear in odd places where only you will find them, or that special song that plays on the radio and speaks to your very soul. These are the words of encouragement, the symbols of love and the gentle nudges from the Spirit World telling you everything will be okay.

(photo of the actual feather)

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