I’m Alive!

When it rains, it pours.

I had the immense pleasure of doing several readings over the past week involving departed loved ones. It seems when I do just one of these readings, word gets out on the other side and suddenly I’m inundated with people wanting readings for their living loved ones. Departed readings are truly my most favorite and the most rewarding for me.

But, every once in a while I’ll get a rogue spirit who starts sending me messages with no living person around (that I know of) who is supposed to receive the message. Since I have a public forum (you), I thought I would post my Rogue Reading here and maybe it will be someone you recognize.

This message comes to me from a male spirit. He showed up a couple of days before I did a reading for my friend’s daughter, who wanted to connect with her grandmother. The reading went beautifully, and a long-lost uncle even crashed the party to seek an audience for his sister who, in life, was not mentally all-together. She caused some pain and heartache, and alienated her family. She was simply there with deep sorrow for her actions and only wanted forgiveness, which she received.

Back to our very insistent male spirit. I was gifted with a deck of Messenger Cards (by James Van Praagh). I have never had to use cards to assist in a reading, but since I had them I figured I would give them a shot. During my reading with my friend’s daughter, this one card kept creeping in: “I’m Not Dead.” Ironically, this was the same thing I had been randomly hearing for a couple of days beforehand. Not only was I hearing these words, but lyrics in songs, “I’m Alive,” (“All Around Me” by Flyleaf), and “I’m Still Alive,” (by Pearl Jam). He was even invading my dreams, just speaking the words, “I’m alive.” Since I had no-one to receive his message, I kind of blew him off and tried to ignore him.

I finally caved. I asked him to tell me what was going on, what he wanted to say, and promised I would post his message in a public place so maybe his family or friends would read his words and reach out to me for a conversation.

“My name’s Bobby, (I can’t verify this, and I’m admittedly terrible at getting names, so I’ll just go with what I’m hearing).

He continued: “I didn’t think there was anything left after being alive in my body. I swear I thought when we died, we would just stop existing. I didn’t have any reason to believe in anything more because, seriously, where was there any proof?

I got super down in my life, feeling really exhausted with the whole ‘living’ thing. I didn’t really have anyone close that I felt like cared about me, (I was wrong), and things in life just kept getting worse, (his exact words were ‘took a crap’). I felt like there wasn’t anything more I could do to make my life work, and since I didn’t believe that anything would happen if I died, then I would just end it. No harm, no foul.

I was so wrong. When I woke up again, I was pretty floored. Really floored. There were people all around me, and they looked concerned and hurt for me. I felt like I let them down. But really, I let myself down by checking out early. And I literally felt all the people who were shocked by my decision. It was kinda like when a rock star takes his own life, the whole earth seems to quake at the sudden loss. Well, I’m not a rock star, but I did feel the same terrible ache that those people I left behind felt.

I want my mom to know I’m so sorry. I really didn’t know about all this life after death stuff. Mom always prayed, but I just didn’t see the point or the proof, so I never got into it, I guess. My dad wasn’t around, so not sure what to say about that. Doubt he knows I made the big jump.

Little sis is really bad off. Hoping to God she doesn’t follow in my footsteps. I guess I really just want her to know I’m Still Alive. IF she’s thinking about doing what I did, beg her not to. She has so much more to do before it’s her turn to come to this place.

I guess that’s all I have to say. Thanks for hearing me out.”

If you know someone this story fits, please put them in contact with me. I’d love to reunite Bobby with his loved ones.

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