In Harvey’s Wake

I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude and love to the beautiful souls who checked in on me and offered help and donations as my family and I endured Harvey’s wrath.

When we saw reports on the news of Hurricane Harvey slowly making its way toward us from Corpus Christi and witnessed (via TV) its destruction, I have to be honest, I thought it would diminish in its violent assault as most normal storms do. The only problem in my thinking was that Harvey was no normal storm. Harvey was a lingering beast that dumped millions of gallons of water over areas of Corpus, Rockport, Port Aransas and points east, including my hometown, Houston, and continued its rampage through Lousiana and then headed northeast.

I intuitively felt that my immediate family and neighborhood would, for the most part, be fine. I was right. We did fare very well considering how everyone else did. People just up the street less than a mile, near Cypress Creek, lost their homes and everything in them. They woke in the middle of the night to waist-deep water, living the nightmare that only victims of this horrific storm can fathom.

Yes, we were spared from total destruction, but other issues set in for us. We could not return to work for more thanĀ a week because our places of employment were either under water or located in areas we could not access because the roads and highways were flooded or damaged.

As an intuitive, I felt the emotions of Harvey’s victims; the desperation, sadness, anger, devastation, hopelessness, confusion, and scattered thoughts as people raced to save themselves and everyone around them. And the depression.

But, with all this said, I know that I – that we as humans together in this disaster – have people who love us and who check on us, and do what they can to help us in whatever form that help takes. It’s not wasted, believe me. To know that we’re not forgotten means everything.

And I can’t be more proud of the people of Houston, of the State of Texas, and the surrounding states for rushing to our aid. It has been an amazing and mind-boggling experience to see people jump to action. Even those who had to rescue their own families ran back out and worked for days – are still working out there today as I write this – to rescue those who still need saving. I’m in awe at the outpouring of love and care that has surfaced from this terrible experience.

My husband and I really didn’t know how to help – there was/is so much need everywhere we look. We did what we were able to do and addressed a need that was evident everywhere. We put the trailer on the Jeep and headed to our Costco. We loaded up the trailer with several cases of water and drove through neighborhoods where people were ripping their homes apart to begin their repairs. They were hot, thirsty and tired. I felt blessed to be able to at least help with their thirst. Their heartfelt gratitude was palpable. I still don’t feel like we did enough, but I have to accept that we did enough for the handful of people we were able to help.

I’m not even sure how to end this post except to say that I truly love each and every one you who wrote in to check on me and my family, and for your donations. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your care, your support and most of all for your love. And as I’ve told you before, please don’t hesitate to email me with any of your concerns. I’m always here.



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