I’ve Been Upgraded!

Just when I think I have my life figured out, my gifts catalogued, all my ducks in a row, something comes along and blows the top off my reality!

Up until about four weeks ago, I was a spirit communicator, medical medium, remote viewer, psychic medium and a dowser. (Many times I incorporate dowsing into my readings as a visual aid that what I am doing is working.) I was clear in what I could do, and knew what I was uncomfortable tackling. I tended to avoid facing off with the darker forces and non-human entities. I felt inadequate in my abilities when it came to demonology, and I preferred the cozy everyday dealings of human interactions, both spirit and embodied. Apparently, those on the other side decided it was time for me to take on another dimension in the way I use my abilities.

I guess I knew this was coming. Several years ago I was placed in the path of Brad “Little Frog” Hudson, who had a seemingly simple way of plucking demons out of homes and off people, like picking fleas off a dog. It sounded so easy, but my mind rationalized that Brad was somehow superhuman and awesomely gifted at what he does. And he certainly is! So I tipped my hat to him, sent him a few clients and went on my merry way.

Fast-forward to a month or so ago – I was at a friend’s home. She was explaining to me how she had been hexed by a close friend of hers that caused her to stop dreaming. She had previously been plagued with nightmares, so with good intentions I’m sure, a hex was placed. Zip, Zap, Zoom – no more dreams…for TEN YEARS!

She told me she wanted to dream again, to fall asleep and maybe experience life’s other stories while she slept. She hoped to dream of her parents who had passed to the other side; maybe they had messages for her. She wanted to do anything but close her eyes and wake up again with nothing in between to show for it. I agreed with her. I thought she should dream, too. So, I did the the first thing that came to my mind. I sat her down in a chair, stood behind her, held my pendulum over her head and called all her guides and angels into attendance.

When I intuitively felt her support group had arrived, I watched my pendulum begin swinging in a counter clockwise motion. I spoke out loud, “Reverse the program that was installed into Lori’s energy that prevents her from dreaming. I open that channel, clear the energy that blocks her dreams, and ask for divine assistance in repairing her ability to dream.” This is the gist of what went down. I rarely remember the words used when I channel energy, and almost never remember any readings I do. In a nutshell, I used my intent to open her ability to dream. I had chills and I knew it was working as the pendulum whirred so fast it was in a flat spin and a breeze blew from its force. The pendulum finally came to a stop and I felt her entourage leave. The work was done.

Lori texted me a couple of days later and told me she had dreamed for the first time in ten years! It was vivid and she was able to relate every detail to me. She has dreamed since then, normally, like we all do when we know we dreamed but might not remember the entire dream.

This was the first breakthrough to the next level of my development.

Very recently, I was shown that I could actually clear a home and a person of negative energy by using the same techniques – by using my pendulum for validation of energy movement. More importantly, I knew I now had the power and ability to remove entities, spirits, and discordant energy from people and homes with my intent. It’s a very energy-charged experience and it’s effective (based on the reactions of a few of the clients I tested this method on). I have to be honest, I was blown away – blown away by the mere fact that it I could feel it work, and that my clients came back and told me their homes felt lighter, happier, more peaceful. I’ve worked with several clients since my new discovery and I can’t be more pleased with the results!

Have I discovered a new method of exorcism? Probably not, but on a personal level I most certainly have!

If you  have a need for a clearing, removal of entities or spirits, cancellation of a hex or curse, or just need some help removing stale and stagnant energy to bring peace back to your home, please visit my Services Page. I’m always ready to help.

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