About Me

Lone Star Medium – Lori is a Psychic Medium located in Houston, Texas. She is accurate, dependable and personable with years of expert experience helping clients worldwide. She is ready to help you, too.

Whether you need help with untangling a sticky personal struggle to deeply-involved paranormal attachments or anything in between, we can help.

Lori is extraordinarily gifted in Energy Manipulation. Since everything is made of energy and energy can be changed, this means that any concern you have, regardless of how difficult you think it might be, can be altered.

Lori has a long, rich history of seeing, feeling, hearing and changing energy from a very young age. With this ability she can connect with your loved ones, both living and departed, including animals, living space, and geographic areas.

Whether you are dealing with an illness, a haunting, a possession, or anything you don’t quite understand please take a moment and send a Question or Comment.

If you have a concern that involves any subject below and want more information, Contact Lori

Client Feedback:

“I think of you often with an appreciation beyond words.  I have tried several avenues from grief support to spiritual guidance, but everything just falls short of providing the peace that you did.” (Natalie – Departed Loved One Reading)

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the reading you did for my Mom. It honestly never entered my mind that the cause of these visions could be stemming from deep-rooted “stuff” that my Mom needed to deal with.” (Dina – Dream Interpretation)

“Crazy how I feel almost being there and feeling the abandonment. Makes sense on why and how it happened in this life.” Jeff T. – Past Life Reading