Psychic Services


Accurate, honest and reliable. Services include Health Readings, Remote Viewing, Paranormal Investigation, Spirit Communication, Energy Clearing, and more!

  • Job and Finance
  • Love
  • Health and Wellness
  • Grief
  • Haunting
  • Spirit Attachment
  • Spirit Counseling
  • Missing Persons
  • Life Purpose Reports
  • Home Clearing (Homeowners and Real Estate Agents)

See Description of Services Below:

LSM Services

For each service listed below prepayment and a photo are required, (email recent photo to Lori is a visual medium and connects with energy through photos. Once payment and photo are received, you will be contacted as to when your reading will be completed (typically within five business days). Please feel free provide a brief description of your concerns if you feel the need to do so.

For One- or Three-Question Readings, please provide your three questions in your email. Please no generalized questions such as “What is the meaning of life,” or health-related questions. There is a specific service for all Health Questions.

If you have a need that is not addressed below, CONTACT LORI. We can custom-design a service to work with your needs or refer you to a specialist who can help.

One Question Reading $10 (Three-Question Reading: $30) Never had a reading from Lori before? This is the perfect opportunity to test the waters! Jump in and get your feet wet. Do you have a burning question or concern? Most topics are welcome, but please be specific to ONE area of concern. If you have a health-related question, please refer to the Health and Wellness Report, which is a time-intensive reading with a full, detailed report. The One Question Reading is our way to introduce you to Lori and see for yourself how she can help! Have more than one question? Opt for the Three-Question Reading instead!

Life Purpose Report (NEW!) $25 Want to know what your life purpose is? What are you here on this Earth to accomplish? What hurdles should you expect in your life and how will you overcome them? Each of us has a plan for our lives and a reason for being. The Life Purpose Report provides accurate information based on your birth date. Want to know how to help your child and guide him/her on their path? This is perfect for young people or new parents! Feel free to shoot me a question if you would like more information.

Dream Interpretation $30 Lori is particularly skilled a unraveling troublesome dreams to bring clear understanding to current-life issues. If you are suffering with nightmares or recurrent dreams, feel comfortable in seeking answers from Lori. Her strong insights and keen intuition enable her to connect the dots of your dream world so they make sense to you. Once you have unlocked the reason for the dreams, they typically stop and you can go on with your life with new understanding of a problem you were facing.

Pet Reading (Departed or Living) $50 If you’ve recently lost cherished pet or wish to reconnect with a past pet (assuming they have not come back already), Lori will open a dialogue so you can chat with them. Pets communicate with feelings and images, so they are far easier to read than most people! Readings can be through email or on the phone (30 minutes for phone readings). She will need a photo of your fur-baby (any species) to make a connection. Please have your questions ready if you have something you need answered. Although very rare, if she cannot connect with your pet, your payment will be refunded.

Past Life Report $50 This detailed Past Life Report is tailor-made for you and your current-life situations. Using dowsing, Lori will go back to your most recent/significant past life that is affecting the problem you identify for this reading. The report includes the geographic area where you lived, your physical description, job, wealth status, and more than we can mention in this one small paragraph. If you wish to understand WHY your life is behaving in a particular way, the Past Life Report can help it all make sense.

Departed Loved One Reading $75 – If you’ve recently lost a cherished family member or wish to reconnect with someone you love on the other side, Lori will open a dialogue so you can chat with them. Readings can be through email or on the phone (30 minutes for phone readings). She will need a photo of your family member to make a connection. Please have your questions ready if you have something you need answered. Although very rare, if she cannot connect with your loved one, your payment will be refunded.

Energy Correction $100 – Lori is an expert in energy manipulation. She has a clear understanding of how to manipulate the energy of the world around her, and has helped correct the energy of many people in different parts of the world. Most times these corrections affect physical change and healing. Whether you are suffering from fatigue to a concern for possession, she can help. Energy corrections can provide immediate relief, or can take up to a few days to work depending on the severity of the problem. Energy Corrections can take up to four sessions, which are INCLUDED in this one price. You will receive email updates for each session, complete with what was seen during the session, (guides, visions, etc), as well as any messages that come through for you. Lori will be happy to discuss your concerns via email if you have questions before you decide to purchase.

Health and Wellness Reading Full Body $150 – Lori is an expert remote viewer with more than 30 years’ medical background. This combination allows her to see the tiniest details of your health, such as blood cells and neurons, and all systems of your physical makeup. She also examines your aura to help her locate areas of illness or concern. Once this time-extensive work is done, you will receive a full report that will include each area of your body that she was directed to examine; she works with your guides and helpers on the other side to provide you with the most relevant health issues you may be facing. If there is a specific area of concern, please provide this information at the time of your purchase.

Space Clearing (new homes or offices) $100 As different people and emotions occupy a space, these particles “stick” to the space and hang around like dirty air and gooey dust on the walls and surfaces only to reactivate and send out the same type of previous energy to the new occupants. Sometimes, strong emotional traumas will imprint the space with an every-replaying scene that can affect the new residents. It is vital to clear a space from the previous occupants in order to start fresh with new. Lori is skilled at clearing old energy from spaces to provide a clean slate in which to begin a new chapter of experiences. If you’re moving into a new home or are a realtor and need help clearing a property, please Contact Lori for more information.

If you have been the recipient of Lori’s services and wish to express your gratitude, please feel free to donate any amount of your choosing. Lori often does Pro-Bono work for those in need with immediate concerns, but who cannot afford a service.