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If you have tried to visit this site recently, you’ll have noticed that we’ve been down for restructuring. We’re very happy to say we’re back bigger and better than ever! Thank you for your patience during our growing pains.

Lori West is a lifelong medium, psychic and remote viewer. She uses her abilities to help people like you with everything from personal concerns to finding out what is causing nagging health concerns that doctors don’t seem to be able to answer, and anything in between. See SERVICES for a complete list of offerings.

Thank you again for stopping. Please feel free to look around and shoot us any questions you have.

We only ask that when you order a reading, please submit your photo. Lori is a visual medium – she makes a connection with her clients through the energy that comes through in a snapshot. Her accuracy is on-point, as you’ll see by the reviews of her many clients over the years.