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Lori West, a lifelong Medium and Energy Worker, gathers information from tapping into energy; the energy of a person, place, thing or event. With her ability to read energy she had reconnected loved ones, found missing persons, cleared harmful and discordant energy from her clients, their homes and their land. Her clients have experienced improved sleep, regained the ability to dream, and received physical healing. While not everyone will experience the same benefits from her work, everyone benefits in some special way.

Lori’s abilities don’t stop there. She has an innate capacity to connect with the energy of the departed with the clear understanding that energy cannot be destroyed – it can only be changed. With this knowledge, she connects with the energy of departed people, pets, and historical events using nothing more than a photo. Once she has made an energetic connection information, images, and conversations are downloaded and interpreted, and then relayed to the client.

You may notice that Lori also offers Tarot and other more conventional readings, but her approach works the same way. The use of cards, for instance, helps her narrow down the type of information that comes through to provide a more focused answer to your question.

If you have ever considered working with a medium but have hesitated, why not try one who takes a scientific approach to information-gathering? If you have questions or wish to “sample” a reading we invited you to purchase a One-Question Reading and see for yourself. Lori is ready to go to work for you.