~Dream Interpretation~

I was contacted to help with a haunting, but after a closer look it ended up being a dream interpretation for a recurrent dream that had begun to take on a darker theme. I explained how our subconscious will try to get us to face up to deep-seeded problems so we can resolve the nagging in the back of our minds. Her dreams led to delving into the loss of a close friend over a perceived long-ago misunderstanding. She was able to make contact with her long-lost friend and is enjoying a happy, tearful reunion. 

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the reading you did for my Mom. It honestly never entered my mind that the cause of these visions could be stemming from deep-rooted “stuff” that my Mom needed to deal with. In the end, my Mother’s “happy ending” is all credited to you, Lori. It gave my Mom the courage to pick up the phone that ultimately landed in her finding the peace she so desperately needed.
We are forever grateful to have you in our lives. 
(January 2019)
 ~Departed Loved One Reading~ 

Mary contacted me after a candle rolled over on a dresser in her bedroom three times in a row. After reviewing a photo she sent me of the candle, I noticed it was sitting atop a beautiful vintage china plate, which I strongly felt belonged to her mother. I passed on a message from Mom, and this was Mary's response: "OMG I'm bawling. I love my Mom so much and that is something she would say. Thank you Lori. I needed that so much. I have not felt her presence in so long and she just spectacularly showed up today, just when I needed her most! Although she scared the sh** out of me. I know it was to reach you to give me my message." (December 2018)
~Home Clearing and Entity Removal~ 

"Your work is much appreciated. We slept FANTASTIC last night. We weren't sure why, just thought we were all finally worn out enough to sleep hard, but my daughter only "peeped" once last night and it was a calm waking. The previous nights she had been screaming upon waking or not waking at all and just screaming, which we thought were night terrors. She did none of that last night. She only woke up once, calmly asked for some milk and snuggled back down. We all slept hard! Thank you so much!
(March 2018)

                                  ~Energy Correction~

I have had two readings with Lori West this month and a few emails back and forth. Lori is one of the most compassionate and generous psychics I have come into contact with. She is definitely spot on and can tune in right away to the issue. Lori will be my go to person for ongoing readings and advice. 
(December 2018)
                                   ~General Reading~

I had a reading with Lori and it was the most amazing, eye opening, and the most beautiful gift that she, the Guides & helpers, and Spirit gave me and I'm eternally grateful and thankful to them 💖 Thank you💖
(January 2019)